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Pernille Eriksen outside Abbey Road Studios


Every bio forces you to pick a label, which is perhaps my greatest weakness - and strength - in a society that is adamant about stuffing me into a box: I don't fit it.  

ILLUSTRATOR is a title I carry out of pure, unfiltered passion. With a constant itch to create, I work tirelessly to catch up to new ideas. While I specialise in designing fine art prints, I also create commissioned work for the music industry and original artwork for private customers internationally.

My list of inspirational sources is endless. But they have one thing in common, with each other and me: They have given up on fitting in to stand out. You can sum up my artwork by one simple sentence:

I draw the faces I wish I'd known and the places I'd wish were home.

So come with me now on a visual journey through time and space. If you recognise that line, you might be a Mighty Boosh fan. None of this would have happened had it not been for comedian and artist Noel Fielding who picked my Elvis drawing as the winner of his first-ever Art Club and showed me that I should probably pick up a pencil and start drawing again.

For enquiries about art prints or art commissions, come say hello at or via my CONNECT page.


2020 - Shortlisted for The Great Frog London's Creative Competition 2020 (UK)

2015 - Winner of Third Man Record's DFA1979 graphic design contest (US)

2014 - Winner of Noel Fielding's Art Club (UK)


2020 - Palette Market, Artist of The Month (US)

2020 - Medium, illustrations for a story on The Beatles' Liverpool childhood (UK)

2019 - Badass Gal online feature, nominated by The Young Creative Council (UK)


Guitarist Heitor Crespo - Musician (BRA)

Musik I Lejet - Music Festival (DK)


RecordPusher - Record shop (DK)


Finnish Cellist Heikki Takkula - Musician (FIN)


Private commissions (internationally)


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