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I was commissioned to design and illustrate this concert poster for Finnish cellist Heikki Takkula.
He wanted the poster to convey the power of classical music and his Finnish heritage ("Finsk Power" means "Finnish Power"), so I opted for a design that challenges the common notion of classical music as old-fashioned and dull.

For this purpose, I used the Tesla Tower and lightning as the predominant symbolism, a sharp contrast to the soft, romantic fleur-de-lis decoration. This is the big bang of classical music, where its romantic connotations collide with those of modern power and electricity.

Concert Poster for Finnish Cellist Heikki Takkula


Original concert poster art made with fineliners and promarkers on 300 gsm paper.
32 x 46 cm / 12.6 x 18.11 inches

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