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This spot is from my extensive 'Zombies' launch campaign that helped increase the movie's Scandinavian reach massively:


The launch of Zombies was very successful, reaching 17,640 children aged 3-14, which is more than eight times the benchmark average reach of the previous six weeks for the same time slot.
The Saturday evening repeat saw ratings almost as high as the premiere. Across the weekend (including Friday), a total of 34,610 children aged 3-14 were reached, including 12,850 girls aged 6-12, and 10,530 girls aged 3-7. Though the storyline mainly spoke to a female audience, it attracted a significant number of boys.

The premiere achieved very high ratings and reached 20,000 children aged 3-14.
8,540 girls aged 3-7 tuned in. The Disney Channel Original Movie did well with both boys and girls aged 12-14, reaching more than 2,000 individuals in each of these target groups.
Compared to the time-slot average for the previous six weeks, 'Zombies' saw a massive increase in ratings and reach. The premiere saw a reach of more than six times the average.
Overall, the DCOM reached 38,250 children aged 3-14. All slots performed much better than the six-week average.
The Friday launch was the best performance for 'Zombies', with good ratings and a reach of over 17,000 with children aged 2-14, of which 13,600 were girls aged 6-12. This reach is more than double the average for the time slot over the previous six weeks.
Many viewers tuned in again during the reruns. All time slots performed a lot better than the time-slot average.


Producer and Offline: Pernille Eriksen
Online: Matt Stephenson
Audio: Brad Williams
VO: Jenny Gannon
Music: Zombies OST
Platform: YouTube and On-Air
Language versions: English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish

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