ABOVE: Jack White art print featuring my illustration of Jack White, member of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, and founder of Third Man Records.

On June 4, 2019, a collision of colours came to life when Jack Black met Jack White: Jack Grey finally happened. This much anticipated and unplanned meeting took place in a Heathrow Airport lounge where the two Jacks bonded over a common enthusiasm for Pat Lawlor pinball games. 

The meeting inspired me to do a spin on Pat Lawlor's most famous pinball machine "Funhouse", which is based around the talking head of a ventriloquist dummy named Rudy.

Rudy responds to events in the game, taunts and heckles the player, and appears to follow the ball with his eyes. The player can put Rudy to sleep by advancing the clock to midnight and then shoot the ball into Rudy's mouth to get a chance at millions of points.

Following Jack Black and Jack White's pinball chat, of course I had to create an updated version of "Funhouse" where Rudy is replaced by Jack White.
JACK WHITE is now available as a premium, museum-quality giclée print in my webshop.

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Original Jack White art made with graphite and coloured pencils on 120gsm paper. Available as a premium, museum-quality giclée print in my webshop.