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The development of concepts for visual storytelling and identities comes naturally to me. No matter where I go, I detect trends and find inspiration for design, style, colours and overall visuals for creative projects. Whether the format is moving or still image, live or hand-drawn, art prints or posters, photo shoots or music videos, every nuance matters to me.

I put these skills to good use when I got a season contract to assist a team of production managers at Odense Theatre, one of three main theatres in Denmark. My job included assisting in the planning and budgeting of plays, the production of set designs, and hands-on production and preparation of props.

My job at the theatre allowed me to implement the knowledge I gained through Production Designer studies at Central Saint Martins in London.

The studies at UAL focused on practical experience in script analysis and the hands-on development of design concepts, mainly for screen design. They strengthened my talent for visual storytelling, script analysis and interpretation, project research, development of concepts, design approaches, and for finding new ways of presenting ideas. The time spent at UAL also gave me an introductory knowledge of model making and technical drawing, as well as an insight into the work processes in an art department.

Since 2014 I have run my design and illustration business, focusing on original artwork, commercial work for the music industry, and fine art prints.​ I make hand-drawn illustrations, fine art prints, and other artworks, spanning the fields of music, architecture, and portraiture. I am in charge of every step of the process, from initial design concept to execution and delivery. My art prints and private commissions have found new homes with clients and customers all over Europe and the US.



  • Concept development and research

  • Visual storytelling and identities

  • Continuous and proactive ideation

  • Presenting original ideas through tangible examples such as drawings, mood boards, storyboards, and models

  • Detecting new trends in the visual storytelling surrounding the fields of culture, music, entertainment, and experiences

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