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Content creation is about understanding your audience. Through ten years in marketing, PR, and journalism, I have gained hands-on experience in producing original multi-platform content for digital and broadcast. I combine my marketing experience and journalistic research skills in my aim to set the trends while striving to reach new and existing users with bespoke content.

I deliver content for a wide range of platforms and channels on digital and traditional media. With a multifaceted skillset, I produce many different types of content, including but not limited to short-form videos, blog posts, VO's, copy, illustrations, still photos, radio spots - you name it.

Consumers continue to shift how they want to consume content, and new tools and techniques launch at a rapid pace. From years in this environment, I have become a versatile and agile Content Producer with a forward-thinking, innovative and open-minded approach when it comes to utilizing various channels and adapting content to an ever-changing media landscape.



  • Research, combined with a highly empathetic nature, means I achieve a deep understanding of the audience

  • This approach allows me to create tailor-made content, for a wide range of channels, across different countries, cultures, platforms, and devices

  • Writing scripts, commissioning graphics and directing voice-overs

  • Offline editing in Premiere, basic Photoshop, GIMP

  • Collaborating with audio engineers, editors, graphic designers, VO artists, and other teams and stakeholders

  • Versatile and agile approach, problem-solving mindset

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