Telling a great story plays a central part in my career. Not only has it been part of most jobs I have had - I love carefully choosing written or spoken words that will capture the audience. Whether I am writing a script or an Instagram caption, it is important to me that my words will make people wonder, laugh, and linger. No string of words is too short for it to be captivating.


  • A highly creative writer and out-of-the-box thinker

  • Impeccable communication skills. Bilingual proficiency in English and Danish

  • Writing to high standards in formats ranging from scripts to one-liners for many different channels and platforms

  • Strong imagination and analytical skills, interpreting themes and discerning the most important attributes of a product or service

  • Solid publicity and outreach experience, combined with an empathetic understanding of the audience

  • Ensuring copy is on-trend, on-brand, compelling and concise

  • Excellent proofreading skills and attention to detail, clarity, accuracy, and consistency of tone and style

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