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Illustrating The Beatles' Apple Boutique, 94 Baker Street, London
Illustrating The Beatles' Apple Boutique, 94 Baker Street, London

ILLUSTRATOR is a title I carry out of pure, unfiltered passion. With a constant itch to create, ideas come flowing organically, and I work tirelessly to catch up to new concepts I came up with three weeks ago.

I specialise in creating fine art prints, and my main inspiration is music. When I come across an artist who resonates with me, it feels like bursting open a dam to an explosion of new ideas. Such has been my experience with for instance The Beatles and Jack White, which also shows in my artwork. Other influences include 1960s culture - colours - and rock 'n' roll, as well as a plethora of art directors, illustrators, and fashion designers. I also owe a great deal to British comedian and artist Noel Fielding for indirectly encouraging me to start up my design and illustration business back in 2014.

My list of inspirational sources is endless. But they have one thing in common, with each other and me: They have given up on fitting in to stand out.

Although I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, I have never received any formal training. Everything you see in my ARTWORK or in my SHOP, I have taught myself.



2020 - Shortlisted for The Great Frog London's Creative Competition 2020 (UK)

2015 - Winner of Third Man Record's DFA1979 graphic design contest (US)

2014 - Winner of Noel Fielding's Elvis Art Club (UK)


2020 - Palette Market, Artist of The Month (US)

2020 - Medium, illustrations for a story on The Beatles' Liverpool childhood (UK)

2019 - Badass Gal online feature, nominated by The Young Creative Council (UK)


Brazilian Guitarist Heitor Crespo - Musician (BRA) Musik I Lejet - Music Festival (DK)

RecordPusher - Record shop (DK)

Finnish Cellist Heikki Takkula - Musician (FIN)

Private commissions (internationally)

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