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Gentle reader, the time has come, at long last, to turn our ugly faces to the innocent things in life. Back alley quickies. Are you sure about this? Yes, I am not. I read that some young John Lennon seemed to have a thing for the back alley behind Lewis' that runs parallel to Renshaw Street in Liverpool. I was recently in the city, so I went to look for the notorious love canal (yes, I am actually doing this) to snap a picture of my mischievous mug. Only to come home and discover I had the wrong bleeping back alley. I might even learn to read maps before I go back to Liverpool.

In any case, I would like to see them get the Magical Mystery Tour bus through here. This whole thing undoubtedly is too much information. With deepest apologies.

Pernille Eriksen hunts down the wrong Liverpool back alley in search of The Beatles and John Lennon
I wish I could tell you which Liverpool back alley this is but, obviously, I have no clue.


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