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Great publicity takes genuine passion. The ideal job for me is one where I can combine my PR and marketing skills with my passion for culture, art, and entertainment.

With ten years of professional experience in a combination of PR, marketing, and journalism, I can contribute with thorough knowledge of what the media will request while excelling in the development and implementation of online and offline publicity strategies.

I have worked in the culture and entertainment press, and as a creative producer, creating publicity through online and offline campaigns. As a reporter, pitching stories to editors has been a daily part of my job, so I know what makes a good story and what convinces the media to cover it.

Building trusting work relationships with talent, high profiles, and their management is of great importance to me. My focus is on balancing expectations and making sure everyone feels comfortable with the planned activities. Supporting talent through marketing campaigns is something I have done daily in my position as Producer for The Walt Disney Company in London.

My years in news journalism have taught me solid lessons in developing strategies for interviews and content production based on the story and the availability of high-profile contributors, and how to juggle the needs of the daily news shows.

My years in marketing have given me a talent for developing marketing campaigns and positive relationships with external teams and stakeholders, including collating and distributing relevant materials to publicity teams and media outlets.

My career is founded on a BA in Multimedia Journalism. I have produced and delivered news stories, creative content, and marketing campaigns to a wide variety of platforms for the entertainment industry, news media, advertising agencies, entrepreneurs, and an internationally recognized research team. In other words, I have ten years of experience in building, sustaining and growing audiences that are inundated with choice.

Through my career, I have gained strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate with management, press, and talent. I have often acted as a liaison between clients and their audience, and I have plenty of experience working cross-functionally in an international environment, with internal and external teams and stakeholders, and many different lines of business.

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