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I am thrilled to be featured as one of the Young Creative Council's Badass Gals - a celebration of women who are paving their own highway in the creative world. Here's what they have to say about my nomination:

"Pernille is a Scandinavian powerhouse of creativity. This is perhaps her greatest weakness - and strength - in a society that is adamant about stuffing you into a box: She doesn't fit it. A Marketing Specialist, Creative Producer, Copywriter, Voiceover Artist, and Journalist, who has years of experience in visual storytelling, art direction, and production management - there is really no hat she can't master wearing. She belongs in the culture, entertainment or experience industry, taking on projects in marketing and PR for artists, events, and experiences.

This visual storyteller is also a self-taught artist. After winning Noel Fielding's Art Club, she picked up a

pencil and didn't look back. With a constant itch to create, she works tirelessly to catch up to new

concepts she came up with weeks ago. She recently opened her own print shop and is selling her original

fine art prints to art lovers all over the world.

In everything Pernille does, music is her main source of inspiration. She understands fan culture, whether it

is directed at a band, a sports team or a place because being a fan is a huge part of her own life. She would thrive planning and coordinating tours and events, managing fan or audience engagement for an artist, a sports team, or a cultural experience, as well as developing the visual storytelling surrounding a brand in the fields of music, art, fashion, film, theatre or cultural heritage.

When she comes across an artist who resonates with her, she says it feels like bursting open a dam to an

explosion of new ideas. Her favourite artists all have one thing in common, with each other and Pernille:

They have given up on fitting in to stand out.

Pernille Eriksen Featured by the Young Creative Council


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