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Beatles _ Beatles Art _ The Beatles Art

ABOVE: The Beatles art print featuring my illustration of The Beatles - John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr.

Beatles _ Beatles Art _ The Beatles Art
The Beatles Art Print


Original Beatles art made with graphite pencils on 120gsm paper. Available as a premium, museum-quality giclée print in my webshop.

The top spot on every Beatles fan's wish list is the same:

A time machine. Back to the rooftop concert. Back to Shea Stadium. Back to Woolton church garden fête.

The Beatles kept reinventing themselves throughout their career. Every moment of the 1960s, their music, their outlook, and their style were ahead of everybody else. With all these constant transformations, not least musically, you would think they would lose fans along the way.

Quite the contrary. 50 years after they broke up, they are still on everybody's lips.

The many changes they went through mean that - perhaps unconsciously - you compare and try to pick out your favourite Beatles year, an album, a set of outfits, even hairstyles that you prefer over the rest.    

I think their music is absolutely fantastic from Love Me Do until The End (and Her Majesty). However, their personalities are a major driving force behind my Beatles fascination.

My connection to the hopeful Liverpool boys with a rock 'n' roll dream and to the four young lads who went out to conquer the world up until the middle of 1966 is remarkably stronger than my connection with the four men on the Sgt. Pepper or Abbey Road covers.

That is why most of my Beatles portraits are from the first half of the sixties. From a time when, to me, they were still unspoiled by fame, seemingly carefree, still eager to conquer the world.

What I hope to capture with my portraits is a long-gone moment in time, when John, Paul, George, and Ringo were still the world's four best friends. Because that's what I wish I could have experienced. My art prints are my time machine. Hopefully, they will take you back to exactly where you want to be. THE BEATLES are now available as a premium, museum-quality giclée print in my webshop.


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