With ten years of experience in marketing and PR, combined with an international mindset and a deep passion for all things culture, I continue to picture myself in the culture, entertainment and experience industries, taking on projects in marketing and PR for artists, events, and experiences.

I would thrive in an outgoing role, managing fan or audience engagement for an artist, a sports team, or a cultural experience, developing the storytelling surrounding a brand in the fields of music, art, film, fashion, theatre, sport or cultural heritage, as well as planning and coordinating tours and events, with the ability to travel up to 75 per cent of the time.​​

A Swiss army knife within marketing and PR, I am skilled in production management, content creation, copywriting, art direction, publicity, illustration, event planning, research, and liaising with partners and stakeholders, with tasks ranging from vision and strategy to operational implementation.


"Pernille has greatly contributed to our outreach program and has been a very strong addition to our group by boosting our public image nationally and internationally, beyond my wildest expectations."


- Francesco Sannino // Professor + Director
CP3-Origins, University of Southern Denmark



Professionally as well as personally, I live for cultural experiences. My best times are spent exploring a new city, front row at a concert, or immersed in the mind of an artist at a museum. Being a dedicated explorer of new places and a passionate fan myself, I understand audience and fan culture, whether it is directed at a city, a band, a film, a designer, or a sports team.
That is why I continue to picture myself taking on projects in marketing and PR for a brand in the fields of music, film, art, fashion, theatre, sport or cultural heritage.

I would thrive in an outgoing role, managing fan or audience engagement, developing the storytelling surrounding a brand, as well as planning and coordinating tours and events, with the ability to travel 75 percent of the time. 
​My experience reflects a professional agility and can-do attitude which has prepared me for new challenges and responsibilities with every job.  

Originally from Denmark, my international mindset has found a sense of belonging in London where I have lived for a couple of years. Cities like Liverpool and Detroit also resonate with me, because of the resilience, entrepreneurial spirit and brazen humour of their citizens. It is no coincidence that some of the biggest influences in my professional work and personal life come from these places. 


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